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Bite sleeve "Junior"


Bite Sleeves in nylcot

bite sleeves in nylcotEuro Joe manufactures bite sleeves in nylcot (synthetic material) and in jute. Jute is the material that is traditionally used for the manufacture of bite and leg sleeves. It is therefore a good choice for a decent arm piece. Jute is traditionally used in dog sport. It has certainly proven its worth, but wears relatively quickly. An alternative is nylcot (a combination of nylon-cotton fabric). This is slightly more expensive, but also stronger and more durable. Experienced dog and service dog trainers also know that a dog who has only bitten on burlap, will experience problems when he bites on nylcot. Euro Joe produces in both materials.

Our range includes several bite sleeves, depending on the age and the biting behavior of your dog. We start with the ultra-light puppy sleeves, which you can use in the first stages of learning. Then the bite sleeves become heavier, until we get to the extra heavy sleeve for adult dogs. You can also buy a set of 5 sleeves. With a set, you have a sleeve on hand for every type of biter. The arm sleeves of Euro Joe are suitable for the ring sport and the training of all service dogs. They are all produced in our own workshop. More information about this can be found on the About Euro Joe.

Euro Joe also manufactures leg sleeves and full bite suits. We also provide the Swedish sleeves. These are used in the Swedish program. They are heavily padded and provide protection for the entire arm up to the shoulder.

About the bite sleeves in nylcot

Nylcot is a synthetic material consisting of nylon (70%) and cotton (30%). It is an extremely durable material and therefore very sturdy and great for the dog. It is woven in such a way that the substance closes itself when the teeth of the dog penetrate. It was developed as an alternative to jute and nylon.
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