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Food and drinking bowls, teeth & dog food

Most of our bowls are made of stainless steel. They are long lasting and very low maintenance. Our road refresher and drinking bag are very useful for long car trips. The road refresher is made of non-slip material and can not tip over. The drinking bag is easy to fold and to tuck away. The gobble stopper is highly effective for the schrokkertjes among our four-legged friends.

Let your dog's teeth checked regularly by a veterinarian. Here you can find an assortment of toys to clean the teeth of the dog. These help to prevent plaque and inflammation. Sore gums, bad breath ... can be avoided with this.

Our dog food is of the brand Proplan which is known for its qualitative composition of ingredients. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are essential for a good health. Depending on the breed, age, size, ... a dog requires a different amount of feed. On the packaging can be read how much your dog needs.

Skin & coat Care

Here you will find products important for a proper dog care. A large selection of dog accessories, products for the coat care such as brushes, combs, trimmers, ... The care of the dogcoat varies by the type of coat. Brushing and combing can be done by you. Here is a selection of brushes and combs. You can also find shampoo and nutritional supplements to support the health of your dog.

Home pharmacy

It is very important that you keep an eye on the health of your animal. In an initial stage diseases may not always be immediately noticed. A qualitative diet is an important cornerstone for the health of your dog. An annual routine check of your dog to the vet is not an unnecessary luxury. During this check extra attention is given to the heart (to detect early heart problems), teeth, eyes and possibly a routine blood test. Many common diseases can be detected on the basis of a blood analysis. As pets age, their movement system will experience more and more 'wear'. The articular cartilage is slowly broken down and this translates into more difficulties to get up, sometimes painful movements, no longer want to walk ... we speak in this case of osteoarthritis of the joints. Again, this can be detected by your veterinarian. A proper diet can reduce the symptoms by preventing the breakdown of healthy cartilage. Our nutritional supplements for animals support your pet at all these ailments.

Hygiene & pests

Even for your pet is hygiene very important. Discover our citronella to cleanse his bench or kennel in a natural way. All accessories you need to remove or to keep away unwanted critters are available here.

Housing & transport

Here you will find everything to transport your dog: in the car, by bike or even on the plane. Moreover, you find all kinds of products to make transport by car or bike safer and more pleasant, like a dog seat belt, drink pouches, dog ramp and much more. Nothing is more fun than to go out together with your dog! Benches, baskets and dog houses are also part of our range.
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