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Animals on the yard - Garden animals or farmyard animals

Farmyard animals

Garden animals or farmyard animals is a term used for a motley collection of animals that can stay in the yard such as: ducks, grebes, geese, swans, peacocks, rabbits, waterfowls, chickens, ...

The food of swans consists of aquatic plants. However, they also graze on pastures. They dive never so far that they are completely under water. They have a wide beak to pull the water plants easily off. For that reason they have such long necks, which they can easily bend. Sometimes, you only see their tail and their legs as they stand on their heads and kicking their legs to fish the deepest plants. They protect their territory, which can be very large, as good as they can. Especially when they are breeding, the nest is defended aggressively. They are aggressive towards all kinds of waterfowl, which can have negative consequences for the smaller species.

Geese are also birds which have to be kept in couple. When purchasing geese, you have to take  your neighbours into account. Geese are excellent "guard dogs". By placing a green wall for example bushes, you can reduce the sound from geese. They will less react to the sounds from neighbors. Geese can obtain an age of up to thirty years, depending on the living conditions, nutrition and care. Geese are usually kept as a hobby animal.

Rabbits can be held both indoors and outdoors. Most rabbits like to live together. But be careful, never put two rattles together. This will end badly. In principle, a rabbit needs to make in a hutch or a cage at least three leaps in length. Because a rabbit sits a lifetime in a cage, he should feel comfortable in there. Rabbits are fairly active. Do also take in account: the bigger, the better! This applies to both indoor and outdoor. We also offer harnesses to let your rabbit run around in the garden. As ground cover for the cage, you can choose compressed wood chips or straw. Sawdust is not recommended because of the high content of dust which can be an attack on the rabbit lungs.

To keep peacocks, you already need a large area and certainly neighbors that can withstand the noise. A large territory is recommended to prevent escape behavior. Peacocks are also group animals. A male peacock is called a rooster, a female peacock a hen. Peacocks are herd animals and are best taken at least 2 females and possibly a rooster. It is recommended to not hold peacocks with other poultry because peacocks sometimes respond aggressively to these animals. Peacocks can run fast and and are good flyers.

For many waterfowl, pond water is often used as drinking water. The purity of the water is certainly an extremely important point. Dirty pond water has a lot of influence on the health of waterfowl and not in the positive sense. When the quality of the pond water is insufficient, separate provision of fresh and clean drinking water is definitely needed. A clean pond is much better. If you want to grow ornamental ducks, nest boxes are not a luxury.

Garden animals or farmyard animals

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