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All too often, the dog's nose is underestimated...
An untrained dog can smell from a distance whether his master is approaching, whether there is a bitch in heat nearby or if there is something tasty to pick up.

Did you know....?
Because there are too many containers to be checked by customs in Australia, the following has been worked out:
Air is sucked out of the containers that should be checked with an ordinary disposable syringe (without needle). These are all sealed and brought to one place. The air is sprayed into jars, after which the sniffer dog is brought into the room to sniff all the different jars (and scents).
The trained dogs will indicate there if drugs are present in the relevant container.
And bet they're right!

We saw it with our own eyes in Australia when we were there to give a number of seminars. unbelievable!

So, as a dog athlete, this wise advice: don't underestimate your dog!
And don't shy away from a challenge, it can only benefit your training!

And of course you are at the right place with us for all the necessities to learn to track your dog in a correct way. Whether you teach your dog to track in a natural way, or at a sports level, perhaps as a patrol dog or service dog to find drugs and/or explosives, or on people... with us you have come to the right place for your tracking harness, leash or other aids.
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