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Skin disorders and problems of horses

Skin disorders of horsesHorses frequently suffer from skin disorders. We differentiate between infectious and non-infectious skin diseases.

The most common diseases are mildew and scab. Skin spots, scraping of the horse when he has itch, hair loss, ... are just a few symptoms.

To determine an accurate diagnosis and proper dietary supplement, it is important to ask yourself some questions, such as:
  • How long the condition occurs?
  • Does the skin symptoms disappear sometimes for a while and do they come back again?
  • Where did you first saw skin spots and you can see them more  in certain places (for example, light areas) than others?
  • Are there more horses with the same problems?
  • Do you also see skin complaints to other animals and possibly yourself or other persons?
  • Has anything changed in the diet or in the horse's environment?
  • Does the horse take currently medication, or has he been recently vaccinated?
  • Do you notice that the skin symptoms get worse in certain types of weather (sun, rain)?
  • Do you notice that there are more insects present in the area?
  • When has the horse last been dewormed and in what way ?
  • Is there itch?
There are many different diseases. Therefore, it is always advisable to gain the advice of a veterinarian.

The horse skin is a sensitive organ in which a good care of fur and skin is essential.
Vitamins and nutritional supplements for skin problems horses - Feed supplement for skin disorders for horses

Natural supplements to support coat problems, skin problems, scaling, itching, skin disease, allergies, eczema, scratching, abrasion, redness, licking, bald spots horses

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