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Discover our range of horse equipment such as horse blankets, for example: rain blankets, stable blankets, winter blankets, sweat blankets, ...

Horse supplies

Discover our range of horse equipment such as horse blankets, for example: rain blankets, stable blankets, winter blankets, sweat blankets, ... Rain blankets are mainly used for horses that stay outside without shelter. A stable or winter blanket helps your horse to stay warm during colder winter months. Sweat blankets are a tremendous help to ensure that your horse does not catch a cold after riding. You'll also find fly masks and fly fringes to protect your horse against insects.

Fly fringes help your horse to keep the flies away from the eyes of the horse.

With a halter is your horse easier to handle. You can lead your horse simply by hand. You can make the choice to lead your horse in combination with a lead rope. Longeing or attaching your horse during a grooming session is perfectly possible with a halter. The right choice of a halter depends on three factors: the character of the horse, for what you will use the halter and your own desires. In general, halters are used in combination with halter ropes who by means of a snap hook, can be snapped on the halter. Lead ropes with a panic hook are especially useful for securing your horse. In emergencies, you can unclip the rope quickly. This prevents the horse from hurting. Choose the right size and the right equipment! A halter rope is light and flexible and more suited for bitless riding and ground work. Be aware of the fact that halter ropes have a sharp effect and should not be used lightly. Leather halters are generally more comfortable, doesn't barn but breaks when too much force is put on it. This prevents that your horse gets stuck somewhere in the pasture or in the stable. Nylon halters are slightly cheaper, have a low maintenance and are available in multiple colors.

Clean and grease regularly your bridles well. It keeps the leather supple and the bridle feels better for your horse or pony. The horse bits give your commands through to the horse and are used for a more sophisticated communication with your horse. When buying a bit you should pay attention in particular to the width of the horse bit. It should be wide enough, because when ti is too narrow, the bit irritates the mouth. It should not be too wide also, otherwise it "saws" the mouth. Be sure the rings of the bit are conntected neatly against the cheeks of your horse.

Lungeing the horse is an art in itself. If your horse is well prepared by the ground work, you can start lungeing. Longeing consists of several exercises. However, it can only be conducted in a responsible and correct way. Some of the most common errors are: a poor basic, a wrong body language of the longeur, the longeur has little knowledge of the horse's body, not to stop at the right time, the longeur leaves his own circle... The final outcome of the lunge is a thriving horse that is well prepared for the ride. If the horse has learned all the exercises, has built up endurance and muscles and if it has good moves on the lunge, then the riding can be started. All longe equipment for the horse and the longeur can be found here.

Your horse is fond of snacks and horse treats! These sweets are not only a treat for your horse, but the snacks also contain lots of vitamins, minerals, grains and other nutrients to keep your horse in optimal health and condition! With a sweet and snack as a reward, the the motivation of your horse increases and the friendship between your horse and you gets stronger. Give your horse a reward after each lesson or work well done and you will notice that your horse will increasingly strive to give the best of itself for you. Here you find a wide range of horse sweets and horse snacks. This allows you to vary the types of snacks and sweets. We also do not like to eat always the same, right?

Horses that are stabled during the winter or bad weather may become bored. With our range of horse toys, you can mimic the natural behavior of horses as much as possible. Our stable toys are mainly focused on horses. Keep your horse busy with our range of stable toys so they don't get bored. For all these products for horses, there are toys with and without food dispenser. Generally horses and ponies find toys with food much more exciting, because food is a primary necessity of life. With a toy that has an opening from which occasionally a sweet rolls out, your horse can keep itself busy for hours of playfun.

To ride safely with your horse in and out of traffic, we offer a range of fluorescent reflective material. Here you can choose safety jackets for the rider as well as for fluorescent chest straps, tail straps, blankets, bandages, etc... for your horse.

Saddles are available for all kinds of disciplines. Always choose a well fitting saddle that is adapted for rider and horse, depending on the discipline. We also have in our range accessories for horse saddles. For example, a saddle holder to store the saddle.

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