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Pigeon keeping as a hobby

Products and nutrition supplements for pigeons as hobbyA pigeon fancier can choose out of a wide selection of pigeon breeds: the offer of pigeons indeed varies widely. A pigeon on the yard or meadow is a very pretty sight! The five most common types of birds are the wood pigeon, stock dove, feral pigeon, Eurasion collared dove and turtle dove.
  • The wood pigeon is recognizable by the white spot in the neck. This pigeon is common in Belgium and in the Netherlands, mainly in parks, forests and large gardens where they can make their nest. These pigeon feed, in general, with seeds, berries, insects, coal leaves, ...
  • The stock dove is much smaller than the wood pigeon and has a purple-green stain in the neck. This pigeon species has no white streaks. He mainly makes its nest in tree holes, rock holes, abandoned nests .... This bird can be seen throughout the year in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • The feral pigeon has been held for many years as a domestic pigeon house and is also tamed pigeon.
  • The Eurasion collared dove is sometimes confused with the turtledove because these two species previously received the same designation. The collared dove is an elegant bird that has a brown and grayish color. It is a small bird with a slender but rather long tail.
  • The turtledove is recognizable by its beautiful scale patterns on the wings and a black and blue print in the neck. This species is on the endangered species list because their number is been decreasing recent years.
How to connect a dove in your yard? It isn't much work but you need some love, food and patience. Also keep in mind what breed you want to bind. Some breeds are not suitable to run loose in a yard. It is best to take a few youngsters, preferably one couple of one race. You will soon receive enough baby pigeons and you gain experience in pigeon keeping.
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