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Animals & hobby

Products and nutrition supplements for pigeons as hobby
Animals are a real passion for some of us. Nature has no secrets for a few of us, but most of us will be happy to recognize a few bird species in his own garden. With a little effort you can already attract some small bird species to your garden, eg make sure that there is easy to find food, fresh water and a breeding box, and they will quickly find their way to your garden.
Keeping chickens and small livestock has been a fun activity for some time. Give the chickens your kitchen waste, and in return you will get the best eggs. Other types of poultry need a little more know-how, but with the right care and accessories you can go a lot further.
Or do you prefer goats? Then be warned: a goat likes to break out and eat the most beautiful plants first. So make sure you have a good fence. On the other hand, they are a lot of fun, make the maddest jumps and never get to bore you!
For all kinds of farmyard and park animals, you will find a large selection of accessories with us to be able to feed your animals properly, to care for them, and to breed with them.
Horses, pony and donkeys need a different care. With us you will find everything to take care of the hooves, as well as the coat of your beautiful animal!
You will also find an extensive range of halters, saddles and accessories, blankets and an extensive range of insect control.
Or do you prefer the dog? Find the largest assortment of various toys here: chew toys, aporting toys, squeaky toys, or plush toys! Discover our wide range of food and drink bowls, but don't forget to check out our collars, harnesses and leashes. Here you will find everything for the normal dog, but also for the largest, strongest and meanest dog we have everything in our range.
And of course the cat cannot be missed! These playful animals cannot be missed in many households, but they are also indispensable on many farms. They are natural pest inhibitors, but above all, they have a high cuddle content. They are perfect for keeping in small houses and apartments, and are usually very neat. A scratching post is highly recommended in this case if you want to avoid sharpening its nails on your furniture. We offer you an extensive range of scratching posts, a wide range of accessories to take care of your cat, play with it, but also food and drink accessories that look great in your interior.
Rodent lovers will also find everything to care for, feed or house their favorite animal.

In our farm shop you will find an extensive range of shaving machines and accessories, everything for pest control, a very large range of cleaning products, tools and all kinds of "handy" accessories. Do not forget everything to supplement your first aid kit!

Everything for hobby & animal - from care of the dog & cat to fence & farm shop

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