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Bite sleeve "Junior"

Neck Tech sport - Neck Tech Sprenger

Neck Tech Sport Prong / Pinch Collars by Herm SprengerThe Neck tech sports imitates the K9 teeth of the dog next which results in following advantages between handler and dog:
  • This type of chain exerts a natural influence on the dog.
  • There is a communication between the handler and the dog which the last understands and noticeably responds.
  • If used correctly in the education phase, harmony and trust is created between dog and handler.
  • The Neck-tech sport offers a great comfort for both short and long-haired breeds. The chain, however, is not recommended for extremely long-haired breeds because the effect will be lost.
  • Depending on the need, the links of the Neck Tech sport can be replaced by the Neck Tech Fun, which can be used to train more focused.
  • The Neck Tech Sport is available in stainless steel and black stainless steel.

Neck Tech Sport Prong / Pinch Collars by Herm Sprenger

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