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Nutritional supplements

The daily pet food for dog often does not contain enough vitamins and minerals your dog needs. Many pet foods contain too much fat and too little fiber. This combination of a low fiber content and highly refined carbohydrates and fats have as result a poor health of your dog. They contribute to an increased risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Good food diet consists of plenty of vitamins, minerals and essential fats for dogs.

Multifarious ingredients can complicate digestion and increase the risk of allergic reactions. Certain additives in dog food have increased the need for certain vitamins and minerals and increase the need of the body of vitamins and minerals.

Supplements bring the health not in danger: the few cases of vitamin poisoning are extremely rare. When are vitamins and minerals enough? Our labels on the supplements give an indication of how much per kg body weight should be given to the dog. The recommended amounts are indicative. We always advise, when in doubt, to seek the advice of a veterinarian.

Please consider also the fact that supplements should be used as additions to an already healthy diet and not as an antidote to years of poor eating habits. If used properly, our nutritional supplements for dogs helps to optimize the health of your dog.

If you are wondering why you should administering nutritional supplements for dogs? We live in a polluted world full of processed foods. Our dogs live closer to the ground, think for example that dogs sniff around the garden and indoor, after we have cleaned with detergents and sprayed with weedkillers. Dog food is always prepared, do not be fooled by pretty colors and/ or slogans. Food can look appetizing for you, but it can cause misery for your pet. Often, dog food is advertised as a complete and balanced pet food, but they are based on an (albeit uncertain) minimum nutrition requirements specified for maintaining proper health and not enough of optimal health. Many vitamins and minerals are lost in the editing process or lack from the beginning.

Veterinarians who appreciate excellent food, recognize that if you want to optimize the health of your animal, you should give more than just animalfeed.

Supplements help to strengthen your pet to resist the effects of infections and stress. The administration of supplements can help your animal by resisting the various problems that are increasingly emerging such as elbow and hip dysplasia in purebred dogs such as German shepherds.

The combination of inadequate diet, pollution and genetic defects do have their toll on our dogs. Currently there has been estimated that one third of our dogs have allergic symptoms. The veterinary costs for its treatment can climb up to hundreds of dollars or euro's.

Help your dog today! We have selected a unique combination with different ingredients on a natural basis for your dog to support his health.

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