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Belgian suits

Belgian suits - Belgian Ring Suits - Service dog training suit - Canine (K9) suits

Belgian ring suits are not only used in the Belgian ring. They can also be worn for police K9 & service K9 training, protection & guard dog training, KNPV, etc. Covers in jute are delivered together with the suit for free. If necessary, you can always order replacement covers afterwards.

Belgian suits are similar to French suits. Generally, they are less padded. This way, the suit weighs less and is more flexible, which allows the handler to move more freely. The padding on a Belgian suit is focussed on the forearms and lower legs, while the French Ring suit offers extra padding on all parts of the body.

The forearms and legs have extra padding to meet to the requirements of the Belgian ring sport, where a full bite is very important. Jute covers are used most of the time. Padding can be added for extra protection.

All our bite suits are made in our own workshop. Every model has been tested elaborately. Standard sizes are available. However, most suits are made-to-measure. You can choose between a heavy, medium of light padded suit. Also the colors can be chosen. Multiple colors may be used but with a normal nuance. You can find more information on the main page about bite suits.

For more information, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help you further.

Belgian suits - Belgian Ring Suits - Service dog training suit - Canine (K9) suits

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