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Cats - We offer a wide selection of cat accessories. You will find everything from litter trays, scratching posts to cat toys and so much more

Cat accessories

We offer a wide selection of cat accessories. You will find everything from litter trays, scratching posts to cat toys and so much more.

In the category health & care we offer products for grooming, ear cleaners, as well as nutritional supplements to support the general well-being of your cat.

Litter trays are also part of our range. You have the choice between open and closed litter boxes. An open litter box is suitable for kittens or older cats that have trouble or fear to go into the litter box. A closed cat toilet don't let the odor to spread widely. So it remains fresh in your house or room where the litter box is placed.

A scratching post is an ideal play and sleeping place for kittens and cats and keeps the nails of your cat sharp. One advantage is that the nails of your cat don't need to be cut, because they wear by scratching. Here you find scratching posts in various sizes and different collections. The colors of the scratching posts are neutral and fits in any home interior. Avoid damage of your furniture, wallpaper and curtains by the scratching of your cat or kitten. Some scratching furniture have a special place where your cat can sleep, relax or rest comfortably. If you have no room for a scratching post, you can also choose scratching board or scratching hill. You notice: for every cat and space a solution!

In the section baskets and transport you find the ideal spot for any cat! You can choose between cozy crawl bags, a great snuggle pillow or a beautiful cat basket. At Euro Joe you can buy your cat supplies cheap and easily online. The transport of your cat is secured thanks to a special transport baskets for cats.

Give your cat tasty cat treats. Perfect to spoil your cat and to keep his health in optimal condition.

Cats really love catnip toys. Catnip toys contain catmint that makes the toy irresistible for your cat. The cat continues to chew on the toy and cleans the teeth of your cat.

Under accessories you find collars, food and drinking bowls or for example a nice pendant to put on the collar of your cat. You can also imprint the name and/ or address of your cat on the pendant. Very handy when your cat ran away and when someone wants to find the owner.

We offer a wide selection of cat accessories

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