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Horse care

Horse care

Also horses suffer from pests. They can burden from a variety of insects such as horse flies, worms, mosquitoes, flies, snails, ants or wasps. For each of these insects you will find a solution in the category anti-insect in our webshop. From powder, lures and sprays to traps, swatters, loitering devices and tape. For prevention and treatment of summer eczema you can also discover different supplements for your horse.

Horse care is part of the daily needs. Let your horse enjoys a full clean. Your horse will not only enjoy this, brushing also builds a relationship and friendship between you and the horse. It is important to clean the horse well at the place where the saddle is placed. When there is dirt under the saddle, this can abrase on the back, which can lead to pressure marks. Cleaning the horse is also good for the circulatory system of the horse and it feels like a massage. Choose definitely the right brushes. With a curry comb you loose the sand and clean the mud away. Its skin gets a nice massage. Then use a hard cleansing brush to brush away the remaining filth, followed by a soft brush to shine the coat.

In the first aid section you will find everything for wound care as well as everything for your horse's health. A good wound care promotes healing and results in less scarring. When a wound is larger than 2 cm, or the blood continues to leak from the wound, it is always advised to notify the veterinarian. We recommend to disinfect a wound the first days daily with for example a wound desinfectant spray. Horses that don't allow the treatment can possibly be treated with a soothing paste to reduce the stress when caring.

The hooves of a horse require a lot of maintenance and care. Here you will find a wide range of hoof care products and protection products. For scratching the hooves, we also have a wide collection of hoof picks and hoof brushes. We also have the appropriate assistance supplies for hoof care in our range such as hoof knifes, hoof picks and all kinds of files. Besides various types of hoof-oil, hoof tar and hoof creams we also have special care to make the hooves extra shiny. Finally, we also offer nutritional supplements to support the health of the hooves.

Regular maintenance of your leather makes your horse material lasts much longer. Make of the maintenance certainly a good habit! To avoid dry and moldy leather after cleaning, you can opt for a treatment with leather grease or leather oil, so your leather looks like new. Namely leather can not stand moisture.

Use a good shampoo, conditioner and detangler to obtain a nice, full and shiny mane and coat. Do you want a deeper, richer shine of the coat of your horse, use one of our color pigment shampoos or supplements. If your horse suffers from summer eczema, allergies or bald spots in its fur, you can find a good support for its helath with our horse supplements for all kinds of ailments and problems. Discover our supplements for horses here.

Both for the professional and hobbyist we have different shaving machines available. A razor is ideal for a quick maintenance of the tail, mane or legs of your horse. Heavy razors are used to completely shave your horse. A special machine with a thin handle lies easily in the hand, but is also available for professional use. After shaving, it is advisable to keep your horse warm with a winter blanket.

Green clay is a natural product with an incredible effect. Apply the clay after exercise on the horse legs and your horse will no longer suffer from stable legs (thick and swollen legs). Also in rehabilitation and wound care, green clay is a real panacea. The use of a cooling gel helps to take care of tendons, muscles and joints after exercise or labor. This cold therapy is an excellent care and support during inflammation.

Horse care

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