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Park animals

Park animals

In the category "park animals" you find everything for emus, ostriches, goats, sheep, deer, llamas and alpacas.

Emus are birds from Australia that can run very hard. Because of their unique properties, emus are well on their way to become excellent farm animals, think for example their eggs, meat, skin, feathers and oil. Emus are friendly animals showing few health problems. Stress, however, is the biggest risk factor such as for kangaroos. Ostriches are the largest runners from Australia and can obtain high speeds. Ostriches have long and powerful legs. It is recommended that emus and ostriches are fed twice a day. For a proper digestion they need little stomach gravels. Clean fresh water should always be present. 

There are hundreds of different types of sheep and goat breeds. If you let animals graze and stay together, take the layout of your parcel and animal accomodations into account. Also provide a shelter where animals can shelter when it rains. Some breeds hate the rain. Raster your parcel also with an electric fence to prevent escapes. Sheep and goats are masters in escapes. The electrical fencing is safe for your animals and works more like a psychological barrier. Sheep are kept for wool, milk, meat, grazing and as a hobby. Goats are kept more because of their easily digestible goat milk. Goats and sheep are fun and happy animals. They need daily care and attention. Keep at least one kind of a couple, because they are real company pets. For goats is also true that they are able to maintain and reproduce very good in austere conditions.

Deer are an animal specie that also can perfectly kept as a hobby. Deer are easy to maintain and require little maintenance. Deer are whole-hoofed. This means that the two toes are grown into hooves. Deer walk on the tips of their toes and can therefore properly run, jump and travel long distances. Roes can smell very good. They can also hear very well through their mobile ears. The large dark eyes are on the side of the head, so that they have a large visual field. In the skin of the deer are scent glands, which secrete substances with a certain odor. The fragrance is mainly intended for the formation of a track, recognition and to define the territory.

Llamas and alpacas are camel-like animals from the family of the whole-hoofed animals. Alpacas comes in many colors, from white to cream and brown, gray and black. Llamas and alpacas have two toes and no real hoves but rather a thick callus layer beneath their paws. They are mainly herd animals and should stay with multiple animals. If they are alone, they feel unsafe. Alpacas and llamas can obtain an age between 15 to 25 years.
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