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After years of experience with dogs, animals and their food (both dry foods and natural food), we eventually started to develop nutritional supplements for pets ourselves.

Nutritional supplements very often turn out to be necessary. Even if your pet gets varied and good quality food daily, a good supplement usually remains necessary. However, you make sure that you use quality supplements. A lot of supplements contain too few active substances and have no effect. In any sport, dog sport or horse sport, it has been proved that nutritional supplements are necessary to obtain a high performance.

We have studied the matter of food supplements through the help of many sportsmen, sportswomen and veterinarians. In collaboration with different labs we thought up the composition of our product. The supplements are always fit for dogs, cats and horses.

The salmon oil is a very stable product, is good for the coat and prevents joint problems. Fertility is improved and there is a better digestion.
The combination of salmon oil and beta-carotene has a double effect and ensures a good resistance, vision, healthy bones, healthy skin, improved pigment .... It is also anticancer.
Both are widely used to give German shepherds and Rottweilers a beautiful color and coat. It is therefore very suitable for dogs with a dark coat.
It is also fit for other dogs, cats and horses and gives, next to a nice coat, a bigger stamina, a better jumping ability (the animals will be able to jump higher and farther), less pain, .... It is therefore very suitable for all animals used in sports.


All the information and advice that is given by Euro Joe concerning nutritional supplements is composed from various sources. Please be aware that the information on this website has not been evaluated by medical experts. The text is only an informative guide and cannot be used to replace veterinary advice. The nutritional supplements cannot be considered as means to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases. So always consult a veterinarian before following the recommendations of this website.

The content you can find on this website is composed by Euro Joe with great care and precision. Yet it is possible that what is published has an inaccurate or incomplete information. Euro Joe cannot be held responsible for this. The site is regularly updated and / or supplemented. Euro Joe is not liable for any direct or indirect damages, of any type, which is in connection with the website and the information on the site. Euro Joe just want to inform interested persons about the possibilities that nutritional supplements can offer and that it can help to obtain a better health of your animal.

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