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Collar - Dog leash - Dog harness

Walking the dog. It seems like a simple task. You just need a lead, a collar or maybe a harness. However, there are so many leads, collars and harnesses available. But which one will make your K9 a happy one? And are there any that will help you walk an untrained dog?

First of all, you should choose the right material. This is really a matter of preference, but you should always choose something that is strong enough to hold your dog. At Euro Joe, we offer synthetic gear, which you can find on this page, chains,  and leather leashes and collars. But then there are still a number of other choices to be made.

A collar or a harness?

The choice between a collar and a harness is an important one that may prevent a lot of discomfort for your dog.

A collar is fine for most dogs, and easier for you, since there is no hassle putting on a harness when you’re getting ready to go outside. A collar should not be too tight, but not too loose either. There should be enough room to put 2 fingers between your pet’s neck and its collar. Not much more, not much less.

A harness can provide a useful alternative in some cases. It is the best alternative for strong pullers, very small dogs and dogs with respiratory problems. If your dog is not leash trained and tends to pull, a regular collar might block its airflow. A harness redirects the tension from the throat and distributes it over the dog’s body. This is far more comfortable. For service dogs, working dogs and sporting dogs, special K9 harnesses are available.

Leads & leashes

Choosing the right leash is a matter of knowing your K9. Is it well-behaved? Then a retractable leash is a good option. It allows you to give your dog the freedom to roam as it likes up to a certain range. Of course, you should only do this in a safe environment and if you can trust your dog completely.

A standard lead is the best option when it is important to keep your dog under control. This is the case if your dog still needs to be leash trained. But a standard leash might also be appropriate for well-trained dogs. In certain situations you need to keep your dog close, if there are a lot of people or cars around, for instance.

Always make sure to choose a leash that is strong enough. A general rule of thumb: the bigger your dog, the wider the leash.

Training collars

Is your dog causing you serious training problems? Then a training collar might be a temporary solution. This is a controversial issue though. Pinch/prong collars and choke collars will correct a dog when it pulls the lead. A step further are the electric training collars, which allow you to shock your K9 if it shows certain unwanted behaviour. An example is the no-bark training collar. It is very important to use training collars in the right way, so as not to damage your dog physically.
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