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Pets - Everything for your cats, rodents and birds

We're also your one-stop-shop for cats, rodents, and birds!
Here you will find anything you may need to keep your pets healthy and happy!

Of course this all starts with a healthy diet. Not only do we offer a wide range of healthy animal foods, you'll also find we have bird waterersbird feeders and squirrel feeders, so these animals can eat and drink as they would in nature. All our animal treats are obviously stuffed with minerals and vitamins as well!

When you nede to transport your animal, you want to be able to do this as safely as possible. We have a wide range of carry baskets and bags, as well as cages and cat beds. We also provide anything ou may need for your animal's grooming and daily upkeep: heat lamps, food supplements, nesting material, bird baths, chewing blocks, etc... 

Aside from these, your pet also requires some other essentials: water bowls, collars, litterboxes, brushes, feed houses, etc... We've got it all!

Obviously, you want to keep your pets from getting bored. Birds like to swing from a rope or swing, and are fascinated by bells and mirrors. Guinea pigs and hamsters like something they can safely hide in, or a ball to chase. Cats are experts at keeping themselves occupied. How about a fishing rod with "bait" to keep spinning them in circles, or toys stuffed with catnip, to bring out their hunting instincts? All of this and more can be found at Euro Joe!

Pets - Everything for your cats, rodents and birds



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